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Preacher-blogger also a tweeter

January 16, 2010

Despite his busy schedule, preacher-blogger Bro. Eli Soriano reaches out to people in the World Wide Web through all ways possible: from video-supported sites like YouTube to blog sites as to social networking sites like Twitter. Yes, the 63-year old televangelist tweets to impart his biblical wisdom to the billion cyber users.

“These medium has inspired me to sow thoughts of goodness to intelligent minds,” Bro. Eli tweeted.

His daily tweets inspire and educate thousands of his followers.  After only a few months of tweeting, BroEliSoriano is now one of the most popular usernames being followed in As of January 16, 2010, 8:45 PM Philippine Time, 4,717 tweeters follow Bro. Eli’s tweets.

His six to ten tweets daily is now a collection of advices for couples, parents, children, friends, and even enemies. Some are reminders to always acknowledge God’s goodness. His collected tweets also include answers to inquiries and concerns about faith, health, and matters of general subjects.

To parents: show concern for your children, it’s more than money and allowances.

To children: a kiss for a dad or mom will boost their immune system, and will relieve them of the pains and heaviness of old age.

To husbands and wives, give your partners a hug and a sweet kiss and whisper “I love you more than ever.” It’s more than a blow out.

A new morning means a new hope, a new endeavor, a new struggle, but with the Lord by our side it’s a new day of goodness for his people.

Water is very important for health. It helps maintain proper metabolism and eliminates toxins in the body. Avoid giving softdrinks to kids.

Bro. Eli started his missionary works in the Internet in 2000 through  The site webcasts his television program Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path), the award-winning and the longest-running religious program in the Philippines. In April 2007, Bro. Eli opened his blog site which was awarded the Most Educational to Follow in Mashable’s 3rd Annual Open Web Awards.  He joined the Twitter community in the last quarter of 2009.

Aside from the Church’s official websites, YouTube and also host several official channels of Bro. Eli and the Members Church of God International.

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  1. maraming salamat po bro. eli soriano. Ingatan po sa kayo ng dios parati!!!!

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  1. Prédicateur-blogger aussi un tweeter

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