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Live Blog: MCGI Holds 3-day International Thanksgiving – Day 2

March 29, 2013

Day 2, March 29, 2013. Time stamp is at Philippine time.

11:00 pm — Not less than 10 people took the whole congregation to the early times of MCGI in the Philippines, how Bro. Eli started his ministry, the struggles and hardships to start and continue the evangelization efforts, and the grave threats of religious rivals to impede the growth of the organization.

While each scene flashes back, Bro. Eli explained in between the highlights of the day’s topic.

3:25 pm — Teary-eyed, Sister Corazon recalls how her and Bro. Eli’s parents became members of the Church.

3:00 pm — Bro. Eli Soriano elaborates the topic as narrators ready for their turn. He calls in Sister Corazon, his eldest sister, to tell her remembrance of the traces of the early church in the Philippines.

2:35 pm — History-telling of MCGI’s traces in the Philippines is kicking-off. The stage of ADD Convention Center is turned into a comfy living room. Narrators occupied the big sofas. Already in their golden age, they are brothers and sisters who became members of the Church during the time of Bro. Nicholas Perez, the then Presiding Minister of the church where Bro. Eli and his parents got affiliated with. They are first-hand witnesses to the fulfillment of the prophecies in the Bible about a group of a few hundreds that became a worldwide organization.

1:00 pm  — Greetings of joyful thanksgiving to God from brethren in different locales busy the TV monitors while attendees are taking their lunch.

11:00 am — After an hour morning break, Bro. Daniel is back on stage to resume discussion of the topic about knowing the links of MCGI’s faith. Sister Luz Cruz, one of the Church elders, recaps what have been taught during the first-part lecture.

In his discourse, Bro. Daniel points out —

Despite all the worries, hardships, pains in this world, people still desire to live. This desire is from God; He wants us to be a part of eternal life.

7:40 am — Bro. Daniel Razon dishes out the first part of the day’s biblical topic.

Listening to the Word of God is one very essential part of every MCGI gathering. Being that important, Bro. Daniel calls on and reminds attendees to be vigilant not to be out of focus to fully understand the topic being served. Today’s discussion focuses on the need for every member of the Church of God to know the history of his faith.

Bro. Daniel is quoted saying…

Every happening has a start, and so is our faith.

In school, many finds studying History boring. Tracing the history of our faith, however, is very interesting.

Every member of the Church of God has an obligation to know the history of his faith.

To prove our connection to something, we have to trace the links.

7:30 am — The Teatro Kritiyano and Music Ministry takes the center stage with a medley of songs of praise and thanksgiving for a production number. The whole congregation jams with two more upbeat songs.

6:00 am — Hymns in Filipino, English, and Spanish versions set the mood of congregants as the second day of MCGI’s 3-day International Thanksgiving commences. Video feeds of the Church’s music ministry members based abroad and in Philippine provinces leading the congregational singing of hymns in their locales regularly flash on the main TV monitor. Congregants attending outside the ADD Convention Center, the MCGI headquarters, in Apalit, Pampanga join the live event through live streaming.

The 3-day long thanksgiving of the whole congregation is set every quarter.

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