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Live Blog: MCGI Holds 3-day International Thanksgiving – Day 3

March 30, 2013

Day 3, March 30, 2013. Time stamp is at Philippine time.

1:00 am — Sad that the 3-day event has to be over, fulfilled and contented hearts exude from thank-givers’ faces. Everyone looks forward to the next international thanksgiving of MCGI. To God be the Glory!

11:00 pm — Bro. Eli delivers the other important points of the topic. Though highlights have been laid out, Bro. Eli said the topic isn’t finished yet and he will discuss the continuation come Saturday during the regular thanksgiving, God willing.

9:45 pm — Seeing the anxious faces of everyone to hear another long-hidden wisdom, Bro. Daniel unfolds each Bible verse that proves God having faith. It’s the second topic for the day.

9:30 pm — Fun times. Sister Luz Cruz, a Church elder and a Bible-reader, is being teased to sing for the congregation. Brethren join her in singing some popular adaptation songs like Rain and Jamaica Farewell, lyricked by Bro. Eli.

7:40 pm — Bro. Eli consumes the final hours of the 3-day thanksgiving making clear of every point in the topic. He stresses that —

Satan didn’t love any one of us. Satan didn’t show any one of us the mercy and loving-kindness that the Father has showed us. But many people have chosen to take his side.

The very goal of the Church is to unite all men under the banner of Truth.

5:30 pm – While on a mid-afternoon break, Bro. Eli once again renders biblical solutions to faith-related issues.

4:30 pm — From South America, Bro. Eli is seen in all MCGI monitoring centers via livestream discussing the continuation of the topic that Bro. Daniel started this morning.

4:20 pm — A documentary narrates how fruitful 2012 and the first quarter of 2013 for MCGI was. Thousands of souls were turned back to serving God, the global propagation continues, and God’s guidance for its leaders and the congregation, among others, are enough reasons for every member to be ever thankful to God.

The video also shows the surprised, happy faces of brethren in many locales in Pampanga, Nueva Ecija, Laguna, and Bulacan when Bro. Daniel unexpectedly visited them. The visit was to personally see the brethren and know their conditions.

4:10 pm — Standing with thankful hearts, the whole congregation lift its voice in uttermost praise and reverence to the Almighty One in a song Awit ng Aming Pag-ibig (Song of our Love).

4:00 pm — Portuguese and Spanish brethren from Latin America offer their songs of thanksgiving.

3:20 pm — A song of praise emanates from all points of the globe as brethren from Asia, North and South America, Europe, Oceania, and Africa offer their song of thanksgiving.

3:10 pm — The Katulong ng Pangangasiwa (Assistants to the Administration) for Luzon region greets brethren worldwide a joyful thanksgiving to God. Brethren from Luzon sing Alabok na Sisidlan (A Dust Vessel).

2:50 pm Visayas region’s turn. The region is represented, on ADD Convention Center’s stage, by brethren from the provinces of Negros Occidental and Oriental, Iloilo, Panay, Cebu, Palawan, and Leyte. They sing Bro. Daniel’s own composition, Pangarap ng Puso (Dream of Heart).

2:30 pm — Representatives from Mindanao Region offer their praise songs titled Pag-ibig Mo’y Wagas (Your Love is Pure), one of the winning entries in the A Song of Praise Music Festival (ASOP), simultaneously with all locales in the Southern Philippines. ASOP is the Church’s song-writing competition that started in 2004. In August 2011, ASOP TV was launched on UNTV to encourage amateur and professional songwriters outside MCGI to compose songs of praises to God.

A video about the Church works in the region is played on TV monitor prior their offering.

11:00 am  — Back on stage, Bro. Daniel explains the next part of the day’s topic explaining in detail biblical proofs of man’s importance to God. Delighted with the wisdom unveiled at that very hour, the whole congregation cheers in gratefulness to God through songs of praises.

8:10 am — As oppose to the belief of some religious groups that the Earth is only 6 years old from the time of Adam, Bro. Daniel details the evidences proving the earth’s age is more than that. It is the topic prepared by Bro. Eli Soriano for the final day of the 3-day International Thanksgiving to God of MCGI.

8:00 am — Bro. Daniel mentions about the global evangelization efforts of MCGI through satellite broadcast. Currently, Ang Dating Daan, translated as The Old Path in English, El Camino Antiguo in Spanish, and O Caminho Antigo in Portuguese, is aired globally through  seven satellites: Galaxy 19, Star One C2, Hotbird 6, NSS 806, Thaicom 5, KoreaSat 5, and Measat 3.

“With the seven satellites transmitting The Old Path broadcast in different languages, the program airing practically covers the entire globe,” Bro. Daniel said while showing a virtual footprint of the broadcast on a flattened globe on the TV monitor.

7:30 am — A continuation of the history-telling of the MCGI faith, Bro. Daniel Razon shares his own experiences. At age 3, he was already seen reciting poems during Church gatherings.

6:30 am — Congregational singing of hymns starts, led by the Music Ministry.

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