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Day 1 Live Feed: Church of God Commences 3-Day Feast of the Lord

July 5, 2013

Day 1, July 5, 2013. Time stamp is in Philippine time.

MCGI Commences 3-day Feast of the Lord

Photo by Rovic Balunsay, Photoville International
It’s the place to be. Congregants from Philippine regions and abroad flock to ADD Convention Center for MCGI’s 3-day Thanksgiving of the Body (Church). The MCGI headquarters is expected to lodge at least 40,000 attendees.

6:00 am –  Members Church of God International commences today its celebration of the Feast of the Lord. The Music Ministry leads the congregational singing of hymns of praises and thanksgiving. This international thanksgiving of the group is held quarterly for 3 days.

7:00 am – The Music Ministry and Teatro Kristiyano, the dance-theatrical group of MCGI, performs Pasalamat ng Buong Bayan for the opening salvo.

7:10 am – “Good morning, Philippines!”

“Good noon, Middle East!”

“Good evening North and South America!”

Bro. Eli Soriano greets attendees from around the globe participating in the event via live streaming: Asia, Europe, the Americas, Middle East, Africa, and Oceania.

7:30 am – Why does MCGI hold thanksgiving?

“We make God happy whenever we offer Him thanksgiving,” Bro. Eli explained.

“In everything give thanks to God,” he added.

MCGI commences 3-day Feast of the Lord

Photo by Rovic Balunsay, Photoville International
The Music Ministry leads brethren and guests worldwide in a congregational singing of hymns of praise and worship.

7:40 am – Bro. Daniel Razon, MCGI Vice Presiding Minister, takes the stage for the first biblical topic of the day.

In the introduction part, Bro. Daniel recalled his experience working in Channel 4 to relate his point plainly about being a spokesperson of someone. The scriptwriter of the show told him that he won’t write the opening and closing spiels for him anymore as he doesn’t read them but deliver them his own way. Bro. Daniel advised the scriptwriter to learn his style of delivery and write the spiels that way.

On Christians coming before God, Bro. Daniel shares an awakening thought –

Christians don’t just come to God to ask for something. We come to God to sing for Him, to thank Him.

 When God’s blessings are overwhelming, we feel like asking for more would be too much so we come to Him to acknowledge his goodness.

“I come to acknowledge Your goodness. We are proud that You are our Father.”

Funny realities and stories come in random during his discussion echoing crisp laughter around the ADD Convention Center. One story depicting true-to-life events features a woman and her standards in searching a qualified better-half.

At age 20, she got a notebook of requirements.

At 30, the standards are cut half a notebook.

At 35, only a page defines her ideal man.

At 40, the page is trimmed down to a sentence.

At 45, realizing she might not catch up the last trip, so just anyone will do.

 9:00 am – Pause for an hour break…

MCGI commences 3-day Feast of the Lord; Bro Daniel Razon delivers the topic

Photo by Rovic Balunsay, Photoville International
Bro. Daniel Razon, MCGI Vice Presiding Minister, delivers the biblical topic for the day.

10:45 am – Bro. Daniel resumes discussion of the topic’s highlight.

11:40 am – A clip of the Porkchop Duo stand-up comedy video brings the topic on being concise and brief into a humorous discernment.

12:10 pm – Bro. Eli recaps and finishes the remaining points of the first topic.

1:00 pm – Pause for lunch break…

2:30 pm – Teatro Kristiyano opens the thanksgiving offering part of the program with an interpretative dance of Hanggang sa Langit.

2:40 pm – MCGI kids, known as Kawan ng Cordero (KNC), jam-packs the stage for their song presentation.

2:45 pm – A recorded video shows the KNC and kids  from MCGI Free School in Ghana, Africa singing a praise song to God.

2:55 pm – Prison is not a place to be desired – a video of the life in Philippine prison reflects this reality. But MCGI has won souls of people deemed as notorious in society. Now they are offering their thanks to God for a new life and hope to salvation. Nakikiusap (Pleading) resonates the gratitude to God of the brethren from Prison Ministry.

3:10 pm – They sure make everyone feels their presence. The youth’s oozing energy mixes well with their upbeat performance of Dios ng mga dios (God of gods).

3:21 pm – From the joint force of the youth worldwide, the globe now zooms in to Southern Philippines. It’s Mindanao’s turn with their praise song, Tanging Pakamamahalin.

3:35 pm – Moving on to Visayas region, brethren who are Negrosanon, Ilonggo, Cebuano, and Palaweño sing Alay Sa’Yo.

5:00 pm – Bro. Daniel is back on stage to start the second topic for the day.

7:00 am – Pause for dinner break…

8:20 pm – Bro. Eli brushes up and continues the topic.

10:30 pm – Let’s call it a day! Day 1 ends with overwhelming joy for overflowing wisdom. Here’s a collection of heart-openers from Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel:

On forgiveness:

If we cease to forgive, we also can’t expect forgiveness from the Father. – Bro. Daniel

Every time we come before the Lord, we are obliged to forgive. – Bro. Daniel

On parent-child relationship:

There is a certain feeling of joy to parents when their child asks for something. It brings feelings of happiness. – Bro. Daniel

Ang diwa ng pagkaawa sa anak ng isang ama ay diwang galing sa Dios. Hindi lahat ng ama ganon, may ama namumuhi sa anak. – Bro. Eli

On unwanted moments:

In times of weakness and failure, our trust must always be in God. – Bro. Eli

On healing:

Irrelevant sa Dios kung may pambili ka ng gamot o wala. Ang pagpapagaling nakasalalay sa Dios. – Bro. Daniel

For more words of inspiration, follow Bro. Eli on Twitter and Bro. Daniel on Facebook. For daily feeds of everything else, listen to Dear Kuya aired Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 12:00 noon over UNTV Radio La Verdad 1350 khz with live streaming via

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