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Live Feed: MCGI Welcomes Day 2 of International Thanksgiving

July 6, 2013

Day 2, July 6, 2013. Time stamp is in Philippine time.

Thanks be to God for another day! It’s day 2 of MCGI international thanksgiving.

6:00 am – Hymns of worship blend with morning east breeze and night west wind as congregants from MCGI locales around the globe raise their voices in congregational singing followed by a song and dance performance from the Music Ministry and Teatro Kristiyano.

MCGI Welcomes Day 2 of International Thanksgiving

Photo by Rovic Balunsay, Photoville International
At ADD Convention Center in Pampanga, Philippines, the congregational singing starts at 6:00 AM.

7:15 am – It’s bed time in the West side of the earth! Bro. Eli welcomes event-partakers and calls brethren from London and the Americas to be more patient and stay awake, saying, “We need patience to receive the promise (of salvation).”

7:40 am – “Happy second day of thanksgiving, brethren!” Bro. Daniel greets with a warm smile. He kicks off serving today’s topic revealing the manifold wisdom of God. Discussion circles around the saints, the wicked, and judgment day.

9:00 am – Consultation time. Bro. Eli answers questions of faith from brethren and guests.

10:40 am – Bro. Daniel is back on stage for the concluding part of the topic.

11:30 am – Jamming in the house! Back to back praise songs played in drums, sang in high spirit and danced in jovial rhythm lift much more the already ebullient atmosphere.

12:00 pm – Happy chow time! Break for lunch….

2:30 pm – Both young and old are back on stage for group presentations. Moving on to Luzon region with Aming Amang Banal (Our Holy Father).

2:45 pm – Going out of Philippine shores, the Foreign Ministry unites the continents of the world to offer praise and thanksgiving to God.

3:14 pm – They are so thankful to God for their calling to the Church. The newly-baptized members from Santa Cruz, Bolivia sing their overwhelming joy in the Spanish version of Tapat na Mangangaral (Faithful Preacher).

3:23 pm – It’s the Church elders’ turn! Pag-asa ng Puso (Hope of the Heart) fills the air.

3:30 pm – Break for mid-afternoon snack…

4:45 pm – Early members bear witness to how MCGI that started from a group of a few hundreds became a worldwide organization and still growing huge. They share experiences of important events that made what MCGI today is.

Why the history-telling?

“The intent of this portion of our program is for us especially the new brethren to be well-informed of how the Church grew into an international organization having an extraordinary zeal to preach the Gospel. So that the story of salvation will reach every member of the Church,” Bro. Eli explained.

“And to our non-Filipino brethren, so that you will know how the people so poor like the Filipinos have sustained the evangelization works so that they can reach your place,” Bro. Eli added.


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