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 Therapy to Cure Gays

July 7, 2012

While browsing news sites this morning, I came across an article Evangelicals Fight Over Therapy To ‘Cure’ Gays. The article talks about organizations like Exodus International offering gays some help for a successful conversion therapy.

Interestingly, while many states are becoming more open to the ways of the homosexuals to the extent of allowing same-sex marriages, most religions in the world despise these human beings. They are firm on their belief that homosexuals cannot make it to heaven.

I once shared the same belief but out of curiosity to find out what the Bible really says about being gay, I sought for answers. Different religious groups offer different explanations, but I found no rational justification. Not until I’ve heard Bro. Eli Soriano elucidating the same topic on his television program, Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path). He read some verses in the Bible and presented scientific facts that support his biblical claim. His answer, which I’ve heard in 2002, was later written and posted on his blog site. Can a homosexual really make it to heaven?

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Hammers in Bikinis

It’s summer time once again! Colorful displays from clothes, fashion accessories, needed-on-the-beach stuffs to watery fruits flood the malls and kiosks. But what most people enjoy during this season are splashes of waters in swimming pools and beaches.

In going to the beach or steam bath, people usually bring with them the best swimming suits, usually the ones where they look most attractive and sexiest. Ladies prefer bikinis or mini shorts while men favor trunks. However, ladies who love wearing bikinis or scanty apparels might want to think again of wearing them this summer.

Psychologist Susan Fiske of Princeton University discourages women to wear bikinis after she discovered that men look at scantily clad ladies as hammers.

An article published at CNN Health says “New research shows that, in men, the brain areas associated with handling tools and the intention to perform actions light up when viewing images of women in bikinis.”

“…men tend to associate bikini-clad women with first-person action verbs such as I “push,” “handle” and “grab”…,” Fiske said.

That goes along with the idea that a man looking at a woman in a bikini sees her as the object of action, she added.

Just imagine how barely clothed women seem so cheap and unrespectable in the eyes of men; they’re nothing but hammers or any handling tools. In short, seeing women in bikinis influences men’s thoughts, words, and deeds. They easily remember barely clothed women than those fully dressed even if they have seen them for only a few seconds.

On a larger perspective, this research encourages women to dress modestly, be it on beaches, malls, markets – everywhere. It also supports the Biblical wisdom that women should adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety (1 Timothy 2:9). From the ancient times until today, it is a commandment that needs to be strictly followed so as not to cause others to sin. Modestly dressed women help build healthy minds and thoughts among men.

The fun and excitement that everyone feels during summer outings is no less without bikinis or trunks. One can enjoy the water without sacrificing modest outfits. Women are women. Hammers are hammers. Women can enjoy the summer without being hammers!

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