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How To Nominate Kuya Daniel Razon for Shorty Awards

January 9, 2012

Twitter now accepts nominations for its 4th Annual Shorty Awards and we are nominating our Kuya Daniel Razon for the “HERO of the Year in Social Media” category. To all the fans of Kuya Daniel, let’s tweet our support by following the nomination guidelines below.

Daniel Razon, Hero, Shorty Awards, Public Service

  1. Go to
  2. On the page, locate the Shorty voting box where you will be prompted to cast your nomination.
  3. For the box “I nominate [TwitterUser],” type DanielRazon (continuous, without space). On the second box “for a Shorty Award in,” click the drop-down arrow and click Hero. These keywords will automatically appear in the text box where you will type your most unique reason for nominating.
  4. Complete the text, stating your reason why you are nominating the person you named. Make sure that the reason you are going to write has a direct bearing on and is relevant to the category which you have identified the person to be enlisted. Just like in Twitter, make sure also that your entry does not exceed 140 characters (please be guided with the counter on the upper right hand corner of the voting box.)Examples:I nominate @DanielRazon for a Shorty Award in #hero because he upholds social good & welfare with his public services .I nominate @DanielRazon for a Shorty Award in #hero because he spearheaded many public services in the Philippines.I nominate @DanielRazon for a Shorty Award in #hero because he’s doing what our government should be doing!

    I nominate @DanielRazon for a Shorty Award in #hero because he’s totally a good role model to everyone like me.

  5. When you are done, click the button “Tweet your vote!”
  6. Your vote shall appear in your Twitter page as long as you allow the application to reach your Twitter. Shorty Awards will flash a page where the system will require you to type your Twitter username and password. Then click Sign In.
  7. Shorty will tell you that your vote has been placed.

Remember: Shorty Awards will only consider one vote from you. You may enter as many nominations, but the system will consider the last which you have placed. So make sure your reason for voting is unique, intelligent, and relevant.

Also, this will only work if you have an ACTIVE TWITTER ACCOUNT. If you don’t have one, create one now and make it active by tweeting daily for two straight weeks. Shorty can detect if the account you have created is solely purposed for voting. Votes from such accounts will not be counted.

Nominate now!

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